When I Was a Dj






You are many to ask me where to download the DJ Mix which I made during partys.

I thus searched a part of my archives in search of these old Mixes ( 1999-2005 ).

The result of these researches are 21 mixes for more than 26 hours of music.


I have not investigated all the MD and DAT stored in my archives yet. There will be thus certainly a second shutter...

In the meantime, I suggest you downloading for free these 21 DJ Mix.


For ease download, I distributed Mixes on three different files:

1/ jungle, d'n'b, breakcore ( 5 mix  / 564 Mo)

2/ hardcore, speedcore ( 12 mix / 1,24 Go)

3/ ambient, hiphop, techno ( 4 mix / 458 Mo)


You can download separately every file by connecting you here: 





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