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Label: MAaSTAaBAa
Format: Web Album
Country: French
Released: 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Noise, Experimental



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Total duration of the album : 19'36 (2 TRACKS)




WYPLASH is a project where the IT tool is banishes and the performance exclusively realized in a single taking.

Consisted of two tracks, "HARSH DOOM STEP" will plunge you into a dirty and oppressive universe.

The beat is rough, the bass is assommante and atmospheres are putrid: welcome in the low nauseous slums of my productions!


MSTB 01 en français

WYPLASH est un projet où l'outil informatique est bannit et la performance exclusivement réalisée en une seule prise. Composé de deux tracks, "HARSH DOOM STEP" vous plongera dans un univers crasseux et oppressant. Le beat est râpeux, la basse est assommante et les ambiances sont putrides: bienvenue dans les bas-fonds nauséabonds de mes productions!




When I Was a Dj






You are many to ask me where to download the DJ Mix which I made during partys.

I thus searched a part of my archives in search of these old Mixes ( 1999-2005 ).

The result of these researches are 21 mixes for more than 26 hours of music.


I have not investigated all the MD and DAT stored in my archives yet. There will be thus certainly a second shutter...

In the meantime, I suggest you downloading for free these 21 DJ Mix.


For ease download, I distributed Mixes on three different files:

1/ jungle, d'n'b, breakcore ( 5 mix  / 564 Mo)

2/ hardcore, speedcore ( 12 mix / 1,24 Go)

3/ ambient, hiphop, techno ( 4 mix / 458 Mo)


You can download separately every file by connecting you here: 




ISKYZ 01 - HELIUS ZHAMIQ : Ghosts Of Darkness in my Last Shinny Dream



Ghosts Of Darkness in my Last Shinny Dream


Label: Iskyz Productions
Format: Web Album
Country: French
Released: 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic, Dark Trip Hop, Experimental



MP3/WAV download on the shop :Download


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